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    Nicholas MicskeyNicholas Micskey

      Worth pursuing is an couple of airport webcams. This morning’s light snow reminds me of the number of times I have wondered if the ramp was clear enough to pull my airplane out of the hangar. Presently the only way to get that information is to call the airport manager. Below is a link to the S50 webcam.

      Ken FayalKen Fayal

        Having my Cherokee on a tiedown, I think this would be a good idea as well. A couple of hurdles to overcome are power and internet. Both of these have solutions, the worst of which is mounting a box with a solar panel feeding a battery and using a cheap phone with internet service to upload images at a certain interval. Maybe we know someone who has a runway facing hangar with internet. I have a fairly decent 720P Pan/Tilt/Zoom security camera that I could donate to the cause if we can come up with a mounting location.

        Kim MuinchKim Muinch

          Update. The four webcams on the east side of the field have been operating reliably now for some months. Although one is “Down” presently and will be attended to when weather conditions permit access to the hangar roof.

          The City of Bend is getting closer to installing at least one live-stream video cam on the FBO building. The city’s legal staff is reviewing it now, and we may have an update on that in the coming week.

          Kim MuinchKim Muinch

            The Friends of Bend Airport is looking to install more webcams. If you have a privately-owned hangar, and you think a webcam on a mast up on the roof would provide a good view of the runway, taxiway, taxi lanes, a ramp (Vandalism/theft) or something else of value to pilots, drop us a line. We’ll provide the webcam, and install it. Don’t have power or internet? We might be able to address that also.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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