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Ken FayalKen Fayal

    The strip across the top of the textbox where you type in your text is a shortcut to modifying your text. You type the text you want to modify, then highlight the text and click one of the buttons above. So for example:

    Here is B

    Here is I

    Here is link to google you can also attach this to an existing page on the forum.

    This is B-QUOTE

    This is DEL or strikeout

    I am not going to do an IMG, but it lets you put an image in your post.

    • UL is Unordered list
    • It lets you make a dotted list
    • Like This but each item must be highlighted with LI
    1. OL is ORDERED list
    2. It lets you make a numbered list
    3. Like This but each item must be highlighted with LI

    CODE is a way to identify your text as a chunk of programming code, but you can also use it to make your text stand out.

    CLOSE TAGS is a way to automatically close HTML tags that you may have created, but forgot to close. Each HTML tag must be opened and then closed like this

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