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T Hangar Rent Increase Rolled-Back! – to August 1st

Wednesday, December 16th.  Tonight, the Bend City Council unanimously approved a roll-back of most of the rent increase on city-owned T hangars that went into effect on August 1st.  The roll-back is retroactive to August 1st, so tenants can expect to receive a credit or refund for the excess amounts already paid.  January invoices will reflect the new lower rate.

Rents were increased by as much as 41%, or $1,404 per year, with half the increase effective August 1st, and the other half effective a year later.

How’d THAT Happen & Who is to Thank?

Thank about a dozen T hangar tenants who opposed the increase from the start.  Hundreds of volunteer hours were invested, proving thecity’s claim that rates were under-market.  But tenant protests were ignored, until the city’s appraiser conferred with, and agreed with tenants.  The original appraisal was revised and delivered to the airport administration with a recommendation to reduce the total increase to 7-16%.  Click here for the new revised appraisal.

Say THANK YOU by Contributing to The Friends of Bend Airport

Now, those same dozen T hangar tenants have JUST spent $2,000 to establish an Oregon nonprofit corp. Development of the website has begun and hosting fees and other charges are coming due.  And there are other on-going expenses.  The first-year budget is nearly $6,000.  If you’re a city-owned T hangar tenant, would you please say THANK YOU by contributing a generous portion of the rent savings you’ll be enjoying?

T Hangar Rent Increase Rolled-Back! – to August 1st
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