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Let It Snow

The airport got its first real snow mid-January, and more is to come it seems. The city’s airport web pages provide really good details about how, when and where snow is removed. -And where snow is not removed.

You would be well-served to know the details before you assume the snow has been cleared. While it is snowing why not check it out. It’s a little challenging to find, but if you go to this page, you can find your way.

Here are the highlights as you scroll-down the page:

The webcam isn’t working. We’ve just reported that to the airport manager.
The PRIORITY AREAS snow removal map is worth studying.
The Winter Ops Q & A link is a Youtube video of a presentation by the airport manager, with Q & A. Worth viewing.
The Frequently Asked Questions are worth reviewing, particularly if you don’t view the Youtube video.

Last, check snow-related NOTAMs. It’s the only “Offical” word on snow status.

Let It Snow
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