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Come out to the Open House / Informational Session

There’s one more “Open House / Informational Session” coming up – this coming Wednesday, November 29th, 5 – 7 pm. NOT at the Airport! Downtown Bend, at the City Council Chambers, located at 710 NW Wall St., Bend. This is in regard to the pending revision of the airport “Rules, Regulations and Policies” – especially leasing.

Please go out of your way to attend! The city staff needs to hear from you, in person. You also need to hear what others are saying. Some of the airport business owners will be there, and you should support them as they make statements about the uncertainty of their business future at the Airport. Hear them call out the very objectionable elements in the proposed revised policy that forbids certain types of businesses at the Airport. You’ll also hear from persons that own hangars voice their objection to a “Reversion” provision, that at the city’s sole discretion, can result in the loss of their hangar at the end of their ground lease! Almost all of the people we speak to feel that the document, if enacted, will take the Bend Airport from “Good” to “Avoid” – by investors, by businesses, and by users.

One more request – Please make at least one entry in the city-provided “Public Comment” form. Have a look at the document, and comment on any part of it you’d like. Or, if your time doesn’t allow for that, but you agree with the many, many airport stakeholders that have examined the document, you can simply cut and paste the following text:

I fully support the findings and conclusions of the team of stakeholders that have reviewed the document in detail and find it in need of a re-write, this time with airport stakeholder participation. We can do better as a working partnership and I urge city decision makers to have a change of heart, to work shoulder-to-shoulder with airport stakeholders, to take the Bend Airport from “Good” to “Great”.

Here’s the link to the document.

Here’s the link to the comment form.

Come out to the Open House / Informational Session
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