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Bend Airport Rules & Reg’s Update: Revised, But a Few Issues Remain – Public Comment Requested

Hello again Friends,

My last communication to you regarding the City’s initiative to update the Bend Airport Rules & Regulations policy was back in late February, following the Friends Rules and Regs Workgroup’s presentation of suggested language edits in late January.  Many of those suggestions originated from comments YOU submitted.

Great News!!  The city team just recently incorporated a good deal of our suggested language in a revised version of the document – presented to and reviewed by the Friends Workgroup just a couple weeks ago. Last week, the Workgroup forwarded comments back to the city team, and most of them were swiftly incorporated into the document that was published on the City’s Airport website last Friday for a 30-day public comment period.   Click here  to review the revised document and to submit your comments or questions on the provided comment form.  Deadline: June 30th

Don’t  Assume “It’s All Done”.  The Friends Workgroup wants you to review the document and comment as you see fit.  Following are a few  comments from the Friends Workgroup for you to consider, and weigh-in on:

Part II: Airport Rules and Regulations.  No significant issues to mention – nearly all of the suggested language changes were incorporated.  Please review.

Part III: Minimum Standards For Commercial Airport Operators

  • Sections Independent Flight Instructors and 4.5.2 Independent Aircraft Mechanics.

    We believe there is work to do in the areas of independent flight instructors and mechanics with regard to registration, fees and insurance requirements.  We encourage the independent CFI’s and A & P’s, as well as aircraft owners who use their services to comment.

    We agree with FAA Grant Assurance guidance that airport policies should promote safetyand provide airport users with a diverse offering of services.

Part IV: Airport Leasing and Development Policy

We are VERY pleased to report the very objectionable “Reversion” language has been addressed with a “Reversion Deferral Fee Program”.  Refer to section 3.7.1

This program was adopted earlier this year at the Klamath Falls Regional Airport.  A member of the Workgroup brought this program to the City team’s attention and it has been enthusiastically adopted.

We believe this program gives hangar owners the option to obtain lease term extensions at an affordable price, it makes hangars “Investable” for buyers, and it provides the airport budget additional funds NOW that can be used for deferred airport maintenance and expenses associated with the new control tower.

The City team wants to move this initiative across the “Finish line” and so do we.  We strongly encourage you to “Read and understand” these regulations and comment.  The Friends Workgroup will represent your interests and press for “Final” language revisions, but you have to make them known.

Bend Airport Rules & Reg’s Update: Revised, But a Few Issues Remain – Public Comment Requested
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